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Egg Retrieval and Fertilization Report

on January 23, 2012

We found out late Friday afternoon that despite my estrogen levels dropping, we were indeed ready to trigger. The retrieval  was all set for Sunday, Jan. 22nd at 8am. We had to be there at least one hour and a half early… which meant an early morning for us! We got to RBA at 6:30 in my comfy clothes, no makeup, and ready for surgery. After filling out the paperwork and heading back to the waiting room, I was escorted to the pre-op station where I got into my lovely robe, medical socks, and hat. I looked like a hot mess. David came back with me, kissed me good luck, and after my IV went in my arm I was whisked away to the surgery room.

Don't I just look marvelous?

Dr. Toledo came back from his conference early just so he could perform this surgery on me.  He is so awesome! I saw him briefly, then the anesthesia nurse came in and after that I was OUT. I think the procedure lasted all of 15 or 20 minutes and I woke up in a daze back in the pre-op room. (Still not sure how I got back there!) Apparently the first thing I said when I was waking up is “I need chapstick.” Haha. So the nurse went to get David from the waiting room and asked him if he had chapstick for me (of course he did) so he came back and gave me my much needed chapstick. I was making all sorts of silly comments as I was coming to, but I have to say I felt great overall.

Right after I woke up.

They were able to tell us right away that they retrieved 21 eggs! That’s excellent! And they were able to use David’s frozen vials instead of him having to do the MESA so that’s awesome, too. Still not sure exactly how many vials they used, but I hope to find that out soon.

I spent the rest of Sunday napping on and off on the couch. I never did feel THAT much pain. I was expecting way worse. I did wake up at 2am last night and had horrible cramping/tightness in my stomach, but other than that it’s been fairly painless so far. Just minor cramping and normal menstrual type feelings.

We were eagerly awaiting the call with the fertilization report on Monday. I got the call around 10am that the fert report was in!

  • 21 eggs retrieved
  • 19 mature
  • Did ICSI on 19
  • 15 embryos are in the lab!!!!

I called David right away with the news — way better than either of us were anticipating! Now we’re just praying that those embies GROW GROW GROW! Hoping to make it to a 5 day transfer, which would be Friday. We’ll get another update tomorrow.

Until then, I will start this Crinone progesterone stuff (yuck!) and continue on with the antibiotics given post-op. So glad the shots are over!!!

Praying this is as tough as it gets.


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