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Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise

on January 30, 2012

The transfer was scheduled for 10am Friday, January 27th. We arrived about 15 minutes prior and was quickly whisked away to the “transfer room.” It was a new type of room with different equipment than I was used to seeing. This room had lots of tv screens on the walls, and a real ultrasound machine that I always pictured you using when pregnant, not one of those vulgar vag-cams I had to endure for weeks and weeks.

I was instructed to drink a LOT of water before we arrived. Like, enough to make you uncomfortable. So I chugged water all morning. So much so that I literally couldn’t swallow another sip. My stomach was SO full, but my bladder really didn’t feel all that full… until I laid down on that table! Oh my gosh I had to pee soooooo bad!! I didn’t know how I was going to make it though this procedure without peeing all over the doctors.

After undressing from the waist down and laying back on the table, the nurse put the ultrasound machine on my belly and DK and I could both see the screens. It was the first time either of us had any sort of look and frankly, we had no clue what we were looking at. I guess the nurse could tell because she started to explain what we were seeing — the big black area was my bladder, and we wanted that to be really full/big so they could better gauge where the uterus was. I think that big black ball kept increasing in size the entire time!

Next the embryologist came in. His name was Peter, and he was so suave and very intelligent, I just knew it. He put a picture of our blastocyst up on the screen next and he began by saying it was just perfect! We were still waiting for Dr. T to arrive to start the transfer, but Peter went through our fert report with us:

– Of the 15 they fertilized with ICSI, 8 made it to day 5.

– Of the 8, we had 1 ROCKSTAR blastocyst, and the other 7 were good quality and would make it to freeze.

– They were still holding out to see if the other 7 would make it to a blast, but I’ll find that out this week.

So, the photograph of the one rockstar blast was up on the screen and in walked Dr. T. He is the best! He was SO THRILLED with our results and said that our embryos were doing better than anticipated. The one that was up on the screen was “textbook perfect” according to Dr. T and I overheard him talking to Peter about how he needs to send that off to the lab in San Fransicso to show off what a perfect blastoycyst that was! What an awesome thing to overhear!

Dr. T begins to tell us that because of our age, how good we have been performing thus far, and the quality of this perfect blast, that he recommends we just transfer the one. DK and I looked at each other in silence because quite honestly, this whole time we were anticipating putting back two (in fact, we kind of liked the idea of twins!). But Dr. T said that putting back two would only increase our odds of success from approximately 60% to about 65% and the complications that could come along with transferring two aren’t worth the risk. So after a short 15 minute conversation, we agreed to transfer the one beautiful perfect little guy (or girl!).

The actual transfer was by far the coolest part of the entire process. Up until this point, it was a lot of “behind the scenes” work, but this part was the first time where DK was getting emotional and it felt really REAL. And that it belonged to us. It was our DNA. It was made lovingly by God, just assisted with medicine. After agreeing to transfer the one, Dr. T and the embryologist worked as a team to ensure our precious embryo had a smooth and easy journey where he/she will hopefully camp out for the next 9 months. They use a catheter to transfer it and the whole time you could see it on the u/s monitor — such an incredible thing to witness! And after they were done, you could see this tiny white speck in my uterus hopefully sticking on for dear life.

We waited a few minutes, humbled and hopeful, before getting up and (finally!) going to the restroom. I can’t believe that it was all over in just a few minutes. I stood up from the table and thought, “I’m pregnant until someone proves me wrong.” Amazing procedure, amazing experience.

I spent the rest of the day relaxing and praying that the little bugger would stick around. It’s been 3 days since the transfer and I feel great. DK and I talk to the little baby all the time and tell him/her to keep fighting for life. We both agreed that we would not do any home pregnancy tests and just wait until the official beta results. We’ll find out on Monday, February 6 if this perfect journey will conclude with a perfect ending…

So incredibly hopeful that this is our baby!


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