Baby Steps

documenting our journey to parenthood


on January 31, 2012

That’s “4 days past a 5 day transfer” for those of you who might now know the lingo. It’s Tuesday. It’s unusually warm and sunny for a January day in Atlanta. I’m at work pretending to actually cross things off my list, but really spending the majority of my day reading through my infertility girls on The Bump, checking up on some bloggers, and daydreaming about the little being that is (hopefully) growing inside me. To everyone looking in, it’s a pretty regular Tuesday. But for me, I am just counting down the days until Monday when we can finally find out if this is a go.

At 4dp5dt I can honestly say I feel nothing. Is that bad? Not a cramp, not a twinge, no sore boobies, no nausea, nothing. I’m a little sleepy, but I think I’m always tired so that’s probably nothing new. The Crinone progesterone suppository is not causing any problems at all. I was fearful of the drug given it’s horror stories I’ve read on forums. Discharge, eck. I guess I’ve lucked out on that one. Even the tiny Vivelle patch that I’ve been wearing has done nothing except leave me some nice residual glue spots on various areas of my abdomen and butt. I’m nervous my lack of symptoms is a bad sign?

DK continues to rub my belly and talk to the little one growing inside me. I hope he/she hears his voice and responds to our love soon. We’re not giving up.


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