Baby Steps

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A Maybe Baby

on February 3, 2012

I broke down last night. Actually, WE broke down last night. I was at Target to buy toothpaste and it just so happened it was right next to the pregnancy test aisle, so I wandered over there and quickly snatched up a 2-pack of First Response Early Response tests. Really, without hesitation.

I came home from work and told DK about my purchase. At first I told him he could take it from me and hide it, but that I bought it just so we could test AFTER the Beta. But curiosity got the best of him too because he was the one who actually opened it! After a lot of back and forth of “should we?” “no, let’s wait” “oh my gosh really should we?” “what if it’s positive?” “what if it’s negative?” “we won’t believe it whatever it says” I just said OK I’M DOING IT.

So I went to pee on the stick. And then we waited the long 3 minutes to see what would show up. And slowly but surely that second line really, really vaguely started to appear. It was definitely there, but it was definitely faint. Inconclusive at best. I’ve never ever taken a pregnancy test before, so honestly I had no clue if it were negative would there be anything or nothing at all? Is a faint, faint second line a positive? We both looked at each other and kept analyzing it. And the end result that we concluded was MAYBE.


So maybe we have a baby.


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