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BETA Results

on February 6, 2012

I was sitting on the toilet when my phone rang.  Incoming call from RBA. I had to answer. It was Jennifer, the nurse at RBA, calling to tell me the results of my first beta. I didn’t even flush the toilet, certainly didn’t wash my hands, and my heart was racing as I tried to sneak away to a quiet spot in the building. She thought I was on speakerphone because it was echoing so badly, but I told her that I was just in the bathroom. We both laughed.

I could tell by how chipper she was on the phone that she was going to deliver good news. Sure enough, it was! She told me that the results are in… and the test is POSITIVE!!!!!!!

Beta was at 290 and they like to see anything over 50. This is a great number! My progesterone levels were all good, too. I was ecstatic! I was literally jumping up and down in the hallway, shaking. I can’t believe it actually worked on the first try!!! We are so incredibly blessed! Really praying hard that this is our take-home baby. God is so good!!!!!!!!

I called DK right away. I can’t remember the first thing he said because I was still so jittery and excited, but all I know is we were both SO THRILLED! Never has a Monday brought such good news!

Beta #2 is Thursday, 2/9. First ultrasound not until 6 weeks. Anticipated due date is October 14th.

And so begins this adventure of pregnancy and parenthood.



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