Baby Steps

documenting our journey to parenthood


on February 9, 2012

Beta #2 was this morning. These Beta appointments are great – you are in and out so quickly (only have to give some blood) and so far I’ve avoided the $4.00 parking charge both times. Bonus. I waited patiently all day for the nurse to call with the results. She was so prompt to call with the first best results, that I was starting to worry something was wrong because it was nearly 3:00 when I finally heard from them. Good news, I’m still pregnant.

Beta jumped from 290 on Monday to 876 today (Thursday). It’s right on track! Beta #3 is next Monday and hopefully after that we can go in for our first ultrasound! Until then, I keep on my same medicine regimen (Crinone daily, Vivelle patch every other day, one baby aspirin, pre-natal vitamin, and Folplex twice a day.) Snuggle in little Kinney bean!!

Oh, and I parked in the “Reserved for Expectant Mothers Only” spot at my appointment. Totally allowed, right?


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