Baby Steps

documenting our journey to parenthood

Week 7

on February 27, 2012

These first 12 weeks are tough. This big “secret” that can’t quite be shared yet which really prevents you from acting like yourself makes me feel like everyone who looks at me can sense it. So far, I’ve had to purchase a beer and two glasses of wine and not take a sip, all without anyone at the table noticing. I’m ready for bed by 8 o’clock, but have to manage to hold my eyelids open when I’m around other people so they don’t suspect anything. I’m ravenous and eat 3x the amount I used to. Decline happy hour invitations, late night game nights, and sushi. I might just go into hibernation these next 5 weeks until I can have a big “coming out” party and announce to everyone why I’ve been acting so shady the past 12 weeks.

Just entered week 7. No additional symptoms to add to the list yet. Still just exceptionally tired, thirsty, hungry, and moody. Teeny tiny waves of nausea every now and then, but nothing to really define as morning sickness yet. Still taking my medicines, and anxious for this to turn into a “normal” pregnancy soon. Crinone is the progesterone supplement that I will hopefully stop taking around 10 weeks once the placenta fully takes over. It’s not as bad as I anticipated, and it’s nice that it doesn’t cause any pain, but sometimes it can be pretty gross. I’ve weened my Vivelle patches to twice a week now, which is actually worse than every other day because now the same patch is on my belly for 3-4 days at a time and it just gets all nasty where the sticker is. It’s like a lint trap that leaves sticker rings all over my body for weeks. The chewable orange baby aspirin and my gummy pre-natal vitamins are just an added bonus to the list of meds.

I think our Kinney bean is budding hands and feet this week. Oh, and I think we’re at the size of a blueberry, so I intentionally did not purchase them at the grocery store this week because well, that would have been a weird visual to eat blueberries.


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