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8 week ultrasound

on March 8, 2012

We had our 8 week ultrasound on Tuesday, March 6th. For some reason, it was the first appointment that we’ve had during this long process where I was really nervous. I had no reason to be. I hadn’t experienced anything that should have caused any concern, but I just had a sinking feeling that we had to get bad news sometime. Fear not, I say!! All is great!

We saw the little Kinney bean right away and it blew my mind to see how much he/she has grown in just two short weeks! It actually resembles a little fetus now. We clearly identified the head, body, legs and arms. And they did a quick 3D picture of the face and we could also barely make out the eye sockets and nose! So cute!! We heard the heartbeat — loud and strong — beating at 170 bpm. That sound is incredible.

Here’s proof of how darn cute this kid is going to be:

I’m slowly weening off the Crinone and the Vivelle patch. We head back in two more weeks for our last ultrasound and last appointment at RBA! Bittersweet for sure. Dr. T and his staff have all been so wonderful, I know it will be a tough transition to go to the “normal” OB for the rest of this pregnancy. I have just felt so special this whole time so far and will certainly miss the great staff at RBA.

At least my mom will be here for our last appointment!


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