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Scattered thoughts from a pregnant mama

on March 27, 2012

I have blisters on either side of my knuckle on my ring finger only. My rings are too tight, and have been for quite some time. I try to jam one or two of the rings on each day, but it’s gotten to the point where I should just stop. My knuckles aren’t happy. Problem is I’m not even remotely showing. But somehow my pants are all too tight and my knuckles are swollen. I could really afford a few new pairs of work pants  that actually comfortably button. Or maybe just some dresses. Yes, elastic sounds quite nice.

I went to my last RE appointment and my first OB appointment last week. It was bittersweet. My mom was able to join us at our very last appointment at RBA and it was so nice for her to meet Dr. T and the rest of the wonderful staff. We had what we thought would be our last ultrasound and got to see little Kinney bean wiggling around and heart beating. It actually resembled a human, which is awesome! Shortly after we were done with the ultrasound and waiting on the nurse, mom noticed that the name on the u/s pictures they gave us was Rebecca U****** (which was something very, very different than Kinney). I knew that in the past it said my name so I mentioned it to the nurse and come to find out, there was another Rebecca in the office that day doing the exact same thing and our rooms got swapped by mistake! So we really did get to see my baby, but the name on the file was the other Rebecca’s. So after we met and said our goodbyes to Dr. T we actually got a re-do of the ultrasound so they could clear up their files. Bonus! Extra baby time! So we went back in for round two, got some even better pictures, and all our records were straightened out. Thankfully this was the only patient mix-up we had to go through. It sure beats a mix-up in the lab! (Which Dr. T assured us has never happened.) Saying goodbye to Dr. T and the staff at RBA was truly bittersweet. I will miss them, but am so happy I’ve moved on to being a “normal” pregnant person! Oh, and I found out that my miscarriage rate dropped below 2%!!

My first OB appointment was last Friday with Dr. Soufi. My appointment was at 10, but I don’t think I even got out of the waiting room until about 10:50. To be fair, it was posted all over the place that they operate on “baby time” and delivering babies can impact the schedule. After peeing in a cup and stepping on a scale (something I hadn’t done in months) I was surprised to see that despite my pants not fitting and my still-ravenous appetite, the scale read 117. I thought I had surely passed the 120 mark. Heck, by now I probably have! I met with nurse K first and she was very nice. She talked to me about the do’s and don’t of pregnancy, took some blood, and my blood pressure. As Dr. Soufi was just walking in, I heard her say “I have to run and deliver a baby!” and she whisked out before I could even say hello. I guess I couldn’t be too upset because I’d hope she would do the same come October when I have my wee one. So nurse K told me that I could wait about 30 minutes for Dr. S to return, but by that point I had been gone for so long and I had to get back to work for a meeting. So I asked if I could see another doctor. I’m sure normal first time moms would not have done this given this would be their first appointment EVER, but I felt pretty comfortable after having multiple u/s done at RBA and having many of my questions answered already. So I met Dr. C who was also very nice. After going through a lot of information that I’d already heard, I was anxious to get to the ultrasound. Perhaps I’m an OB equipment snob, but the machines they had at this clinic were far short of what they had at RBA. It was like a TV screen from the 80’s placed on top a cart on wheels and the screen was smaller than my computer screen. The images were so blurry, and I felt like I had taken 10 steps backwards in my baby’s development after looking at the images. It was at this moment where I really missed the u/s techs and the equipment at RBA. I had already seen very clear images, and 3-D images of my baby, but now all I get was this grainy black and white jumbled mess. Technology aside, the good news is that baby is healthy and growing properly. I will be sent to another clinic in 2 weeks to do some routine additional testing using more sophisticated u/s equipment (thank goodness), then back to Northside on April 23. Before I left, I did get to meet Dr. Soufi who apologized for fleeing so quickly and was genuinely happy to meet me and answer any of my questions. I look forward to spending more time with her as we continue on this journey.

In other news, mom sent me a giant box of probably 10 packs of sour gummy bears so I have a sufficient stash to last me quite some time. I still love them.

I’ve been having headaches lately, which is a new thing that I’m not so sure I’m liking. I eat constantly throughout the day, and have been chugging water like it’s going out of style. We’ve shared the news with a few close friends recently, all of whom are incredibly excited, and have even started shifting some items around in the office to make room for a nursery. I have a hard time concentrating at work because baby is always on the brain.

It’s 11:30 and today I’ve already eaten a bagel, yogurt, strawberries, a handful of trail mix, and I’m already ready for lunch. Bye bye skinny jeans!!!



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