Baby Steps

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Headaches and Heartburn, what?!

on March 30, 2012

Two new lovely symptoms have snuck up on me and our lime-sized baby this week. Headaches and heartburn. Two things I’m not very familiar with and certainly not very fond of. The headaches are not enough to make you crave Advil (a taboo pregnancy drug by the way), but just enough to make you frustrated and crazy. Oh and they make me tired. Like I’m already not enough of that. Sheesh. But the heartburn? I had to ask DK the other day what it IS exactly because I swear I’ve never experienced it before. Even though it’s called heartburn, it really feels like it’s vomit coming up your throat. And I’ve decided I don’t like it either. So headaches and heartburn, you can just back off now, mmkay?

Oh, and P.S. I ate a turkey sandwich for lunch today. I couldn’t resist. Pray that listeriosis doesn’t get me.


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