Baby Steps

documenting our journey to parenthood


on May 4, 2012


At 16 weeks, we had the privilege of finding out the sex of our precious little miracle. We anxiously awaited our appointment at Atlanta Perinatal on Tuesday, May 1st at 10am. We first had our ultrasound with the sweet technician who continued to say that “everything looks good.” I love those words. Mini Kinney was cooperating quite nicely during the ultrasound and lo and behold the tech was very clearly able to determine that DK and I are having a DAUGHTER! Yes, it’s a girl!

Dr. Stone came in shortly thereafter and confirmed that yes, indeed, we are having a little girl. I had a hunch all along that it was a girl, and I can’t even begin to describe how much joy and happiness it brings me to know that we’ll be having a daughter. I absolutely LOVE the relationship I have with my own mom and just get so incredibly emotional when I think about how I will be able to share the same thing with a daughter of my own now. I love that she will have cousins she can play house or school or bank with, dress up and laugh with, share secrets with, and most importantly our little girl has three incredible role models very close in age. Lily, Katin, and Aubrey… watch out!

Despite the fact that DK continued to talk about how special it would be to have a little girl, when he heard it from the doctor’s mouth that yes, indeed, it’s a girl, I think everything hit him at once. He immediately got up out of his chair, paced around the room, and started thinking about all the things that having a daughter entails — oh the protectiveness! the teenage years! the wedding! but ultimately, I believe in my heart of hearts that DK is meant to be the father to this special girl. He will be extraordinary. And I’m already placing bets that she will be a 100% Daddy’s girl.

We shared the news with our families right away. After the appointment, we went into the gift shop at the Women’s Center and bought a “It’s a Girl” balloon. DK took a picture of me holding the balloon and we texted it to our families all over. The reactions from our families was amazing. This little girl is already so loved!



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