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Week 28 and I feel great

on July 26, 2012

Size of mom and baby: At my OB appointment today, I weighed in at a whopping 134 pounds. That’s actually up 7 pounds from last month, despite the fact that baby has only put on one pound max. Although, Dr. Soufi was actually rather proud of my weight gain, saying that she was really going to get on me if I hadn’t been putting on some weight. Mini Kinney, however, is now the size of an eggplant or a head of cabbage, depending on where you get your information. But she’s around 3 pounds and probably real darn cute by now.

Movement: Apparently I’m supposed be to “counting kicks” at breakfast, lunch and dinner, who knew? All I can say is she’s definitely moving around more so than ever.

Cravings: Carbs, dairy, and fruit. And JIF peanut butter. Man, you should see how much peanut butter I’ve consumed in the last few weeks! Surprisingly, my appetite has decreased the further along I’ve come, and I’m usually hungry but nothing sounds good. All sorts of proteins (chicken, bleck!) are not exciting, and I usually end up eating some bread, macaroni and cheese, milk with Ovaltine, or a nectarine, mango or some berries. Oh, and ice cream. Pretty much daily.

Annoyance: The unsolicited belly rub from people at work, males I hardly know included. Sometimes people ask, other times they just touch me. It’s something I didn’t think would bother me too much, but it’s incredibly strange.

Highlight of the week: I busted out my sewing machine for the first time in a few months and made some pretty cool crafty things. All gifts, but now I’m inspired to make things for baby!

Non-Highlight of the week: Working with HR to determine my maternity leave policy. It’s so confusing! The latest I have learned is that I have to write a check each month for my benefits premiums. That can’t be normal, right?

Fears: What I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, and it may seem nuts, is what my cell phone is doing to my daughter. My phone is with me all the time, and usually within reach. I am trying to make a conscious effort to distance myself from it because I don’t know what yet, but all that technology is surely not good for my baby. Am I insane?

Nursery: We’ve made some headway! We’ve selected a paint color (a really pretty super pale pink) and hired a painter to come out next week. We purchased her crib and dresser, and we’ve devised a plan for closet organization. It’s nothing close to complete, but we’re making progress and I’m happy with that!

Name Talk: We’re fully aware that this child needs a name, and preferably something other than “Mini” which we’ve been calling her all along. We’ve had our top 5 for a while, and they really haven’t changed, but we’re having a hard time committing. I think our favorite is still Avery, and her middle name will either be Elaine or Ellison. What do you think?


Onward and outward… quite literally, actually! 🙂


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