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It’s the final countdown!

on August 5, 2012




This is it, folks. 10 weeks left!!

Size of baby: Nearing the 3 pound mark now and my knees and back are starting to feel it.

Movement: She’s moving around more and more each day and things are surely getting tight. My best friend from college was visiting from Dubai and was the first person aside from David to REALLY feel her take a punch. It was awesome.

Cravings: Still eating lots of Jif peanut butter, yogurt, fruit and lots of ice cream!

Annoyance: Heartburn. Oh man, the heartburn! I’ve never really experienced heartburn quite like this and I have a small hunch it’s only going to get worse from here on out. Tums it is.

Highlight of the week: Seeing my two best buds from CU, who are both getting married soon! It was a quick visit here in Atlanta, but any chance I get with L & P are always a blast. Oh and breastfeeding class was excellent and well worth the time and money, so yay for that too.

Non-Highlight of the week: We went to a yummy dinner at Haven where I enjoyed a greek-style salmon dish that sure tasted delicious going down but kept me up ALL night with intense nausea and a whole lot more I won’t get into on here. Let’s just say I’m on the “no salmon” train now and I don’t think I’ll be getting off anytime soon.

Fears: The realization that we’re totally alone out here. I mean, I have no fear that David and I can pull this parenting thing off together, but it sure would feel a lot nicer if we had family nearby who could keep loving us and encouraging us these last few weeks. I literally just feel like I’m sitting around getting fatter and have no clue what to expect next.

Nursery: The walls are painted and the furniture arrives on Thursday! We added some additional shelving in her closet and built another little storage shelf in there too. It’s coming together… with lots of PINK!


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… it’s go time!


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