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Almost 33 weeks…

Sorry for the blurry, crummy, bathroom photos this week. I really ought to have some decent maternity pictures taken. Anyway, here I am in all my pineapple-sized-baby glory at nearly 33 weeks!

Size of baby: One site says she’s about the size of a pineapple, and another says a honeydew. I like honeydew, so let’s go with that.

Movement: She’s found the right side of my rib cage and I think she’s doing pull-ups on them. She’s moving a lot,  but sometimes it’s subtle and I don’t notice it and other times I have alien like appendages popping out in weird places.

Cravings: Chocolate. Water. Pasta. Mangoes and nectarines.

Annoyance: No complaints really, other than me just being tired all the time which results in lots of lazy evenings. I should be exercising or something, but I’m not. Although, wait, I did go to prenatal yoga class last week! That was, well, interesting…

Highlight of the week: Surprise shipment from Grandpa Doug with some of our fun registry items on them! And also we’ve started our classes, toured the hospital, and met the pediatrician, so I feel like I’ve actually accomplished a lot this week which is helping with my anxiety (and my to-do list). In other news, Harrison also moved out to Colorado this week to start his college career as a Buffalo! I’ve been praying rigorously for him to be receptive and open to this new experience. I wish I could be there to help him move in his dorm!

Non-Highlight of the week: One of my tenants at work continues to tell me how having this baby is going to wreak havoc on my marriage. Maybe having children did that for him, but he knows nothing about my personal life and I don’t appreciate those comments from the peanut gallery. I have an incredibly amazing and supportive husband who is my BEST FRIEND and I would be completely lost without.

Fears: In Baby Essentials class, I realized that neither DK nor I are very good at swaddling. And that’s just one of MANY things we’ll have to learn. We just still have so much to learn and that totally freaks me out. I just want to protect my baby and have a healthy little girl!

Nursery: The crib and dresser are here, her baby bedding is in, and it’s starting to look like a baby girl room! I’ve also been busy crafting, and made her some artwork and am currently working on a really, really time consuming but adorable rug. We’re tackling a DIY cornice this weekend, and I’ve made some other fun purchases off etsy that I’m waiting to arrive. I’ll have to post pictures when it’s all done.

Signing off, and feeling good!

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It’s the final countdown!




This is it, folks. 10 weeks left!!

Size of baby: Nearing the 3 pound mark now and my knees and back are starting to feel it.

Movement: She’s moving around more and more each day and things are surely getting tight. My best friend from college was visiting from Dubai and was the first person aside from David to REALLY feel her take a punch. It was awesome.

Cravings: Still eating lots of Jif peanut butter, yogurt, fruit and lots of ice cream!

Annoyance: Heartburn. Oh man, the heartburn! I’ve never really experienced heartburn quite like this and I have a small hunch it’s only going to get worse from here on out. Tums it is.

Highlight of the week: Seeing my two best buds from CU, who are both getting married soon! It was a quick visit here in Atlanta, but any chance I get with L & P are always a blast. Oh and breastfeeding class was excellent and well worth the time and money, so yay for that too.

Non-Highlight of the week: We went to a yummy dinner at Haven where I enjoyed a greek-style salmon dish that sure tasted delicious going down but kept me up ALL night with intense nausea and a whole lot more I won’t get into on here. Let’s just say I’m on the “no salmon” train now and I don’t think I’ll be getting off anytime soon.

Fears: The realization that we’re totally alone out here. I mean, I have no fear that David and I can pull this parenting thing off together, but it sure would feel a lot nicer if we had family nearby who could keep loving us and encouraging us these last few weeks. I literally just feel like I’m sitting around getting fatter and have no clue what to expect next.

Nursery: The walls are painted and the furniture arrives on Thursday! We added some additional shelving in her closet and built another little storage shelf in there too. It’s coming together… with lots of PINK!


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… it’s go time!

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A message from Avery






This popped up in my inbox today and totally brought me to tears…

We’ve unofficially officially named our sweet girl Avery.  We’re still deciding on her middle name,  but we know it will begin with an E.  We both just love the name Avery and I knew it was the one when my dear husband set up her very first email account.

Melt. My. Heart.


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Week 28 and I feel great

Size of mom and baby: At my OB appointment today, I weighed in at a whopping 134 pounds. That’s actually up 7 pounds from last month, despite the fact that baby has only put on one pound max. Although, Dr. Soufi was actually rather proud of my weight gain, saying that she was really going to get on me if I hadn’t been putting on some weight. Mini Kinney, however, is now the size of an eggplant or a head of cabbage, depending on where you get your information. But she’s around 3 pounds and probably real darn cute by now.

Movement: Apparently I’m supposed be to “counting kicks” at breakfast, lunch and dinner, who knew? All I can say is she’s definitely moving around more so than ever.

Cravings: Carbs, dairy, and fruit. And JIF peanut butter. Man, you should see how much peanut butter I’ve consumed in the last few weeks! Surprisingly, my appetite has decreased the further along I’ve come, and I’m usually hungry but nothing sounds good. All sorts of proteins (chicken, bleck!) are not exciting, and I usually end up eating some bread, macaroni and cheese, milk with Ovaltine, or a nectarine, mango or some berries. Oh, and ice cream. Pretty much daily.

Annoyance: The unsolicited belly rub from people at work, males I hardly know included. Sometimes people ask, other times they just touch me. It’s something I didn’t think would bother me too much, but it’s incredibly strange.

Highlight of the week: I busted out my sewing machine for the first time in a few months and made some pretty cool crafty things. All gifts, but now I’m inspired to make things for baby!

Non-Highlight of the week: Working with HR to determine my maternity leave policy. It’s so confusing! The latest I have learned is that I have to write a check each month for my benefits premiums. That can’t be normal, right?

Fears: What I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, and it may seem nuts, is what my cell phone is doing to my daughter. My phone is with me all the time, and usually within reach. I am trying to make a conscious effort to distance myself from it because I don’t know what yet, but all that technology is surely not good for my baby. Am I insane?

Nursery: We’ve made some headway! We’ve selected a paint color (a really pretty super pale pink) and hired a painter to come out next week. We purchased her crib and dresser, and we’ve devised a plan for closet organization. It’s nothing close to complete, but we’re making progress and I’m happy with that!

Name Talk: We’re fully aware that this child needs a name, and preferably something other than “Mini” which we’ve been calling her all along. We’ve had our top 5 for a while, and they really haven’t changed, but we’re having a hard time committing. I think our favorite is still Avery, and her middle name will either be Elaine or Ellison. What do you think?


Onward and outward… quite literally, actually! 🙂

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Goodbye Second Trimester, Hello Third Trimester

The 2nd trimester really flew by!  What they say is true — your 2nd trimester is when you feel most like yourself, your energy is restored, and there’s not too much that slows you down yet. As I enter my 28th week, I think it’s only appropriate to share some pretty (poor quality iPhone) photos with you to show you how much we’ve enjoyed these last few months and see how much I’ve grown!

Bring it on third trimester!!!!!

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At 16 weeks, we had the privilege of finding out the sex of our precious little miracle. We anxiously awaited our appointment at Atlanta Perinatal on Tuesday, May 1st at 10am. We first had our ultrasound with the sweet technician who continued to say that “everything looks good.” I love those words. Mini Kinney was cooperating quite nicely during the ultrasound and lo and behold the tech was very clearly able to determine that DK and I are having a DAUGHTER! Yes, it’s a girl!

Dr. Stone came in shortly thereafter and confirmed that yes, indeed, we are having a little girl. I had a hunch all along that it was a girl, and I can’t even begin to describe how much joy and happiness it brings me to know that we’ll be having a daughter. I absolutely LOVE the relationship I have with my own mom and just get so incredibly emotional when I think about how I will be able to share the same thing with a daughter of my own now. I love that she will have cousins she can play house or school or bank with, dress up and laugh with, share secrets with, and most importantly our little girl has three incredible role models very close in age. Lily, Katin, and Aubrey… watch out!

Despite the fact that DK continued to talk about how special it would be to have a little girl, when he heard it from the doctor’s mouth that yes, indeed, it’s a girl, I think everything hit him at once. He immediately got up out of his chair, paced around the room, and started thinking about all the things that having a daughter entails — oh the protectiveness! the teenage years! the wedding! but ultimately, I believe in my heart of hearts that DK is meant to be the father to this special girl. He will be extraordinary. And I’m already placing bets that she will be a 100% Daddy’s girl.

We shared the news with our families right away. After the appointment, we went into the gift shop at the Women’s Center and bought a “It’s a Girl” balloon. DK took a picture of me holding the balloon and we texted it to our families all over. The reactions from our families was amazing. This little girl is already so loved!


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14 weeks and feeling good!

Welcome to the 2nd trimester where my energy has been restored and my pants are even tighter! It’s still rather questionable that an outsider would look at me and think “pregnant” but I feel like Baby Kinney is starting to really take on some real growth in there. My pants are getting tighter by the day, and I’ve never wanted to wear elastic or dresses so much in my life. 

We spent the weekend in Hilton Head with David’s big, wonderful extended family and had a blast. Almost 5-year-old Lily kept asking me “Hey Becky, is the baby still in your tummy?” Why, yes, Lily. “I hope it doesn’t die.” Well jeez, I hope it doesn’t die too Lily! And after every meal she watched me eat, she’d ask “Is the baby eating (fill in the blank whatever I just ate) crumbs?” Yep, baby is eating the crumbs. Oh, and she insists that I name the baby Mason, regardless if it’s a boy or a girl. She wants his/her name to be Mason, no questions asked. Not a bad name choice, if I do say so myself!

Next appointment is Monday April 23rd. Our NT scan test results also came back last week and the odds are ever in our favor! Healthy baby checked out good. Phew! Let’s keep this healthy pregnancy rockin’ along! 


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Headaches and Heartburn, what?!

Two new lovely symptoms have snuck up on me and our lime-sized baby this week. Headaches and heartburn. Two things I’m not very familiar with and certainly not very fond of. The headaches are not enough to make you crave Advil (a taboo pregnancy drug by the way), but just enough to make you frustrated and crazy. Oh and they make me tired. Like I’m already not enough of that. Sheesh. But the heartburn? I had to ask DK the other day what it IS exactly because I swear I’ve never experienced it before. Even though it’s called heartburn, it really feels like it’s vomit coming up your throat. And I’ve decided I don’t like it either. So headaches and heartburn, you can just back off now, mmkay?

Oh, and P.S. I ate a turkey sandwich for lunch today. I couldn’t resist. Pray that listeriosis doesn’t get me.

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Scattered thoughts from a pregnant mama

I have blisters on either side of my knuckle on my ring finger only. My rings are too tight, and have been for quite some time. I try to jam one or two of the rings on each day, but it’s gotten to the point where I should just stop. My knuckles aren’t happy. Problem is I’m not even remotely showing. But somehow my pants are all too tight and my knuckles are swollen. I could really afford a few new pairs of work pants  that actually comfortably button. Or maybe just some dresses. Yes, elastic sounds quite nice.

I went to my last RE appointment and my first OB appointment last week. It was bittersweet. My mom was able to join us at our very last appointment at RBA and it was so nice for her to meet Dr. T and the rest of the wonderful staff. We had what we thought would be our last ultrasound and got to see little Kinney bean wiggling around and heart beating. It actually resembled a human, which is awesome! Shortly after we were done with the ultrasound and waiting on the nurse, mom noticed that the name on the u/s pictures they gave us was Rebecca U****** (which was something very, very different than Kinney). I knew that in the past it said my name so I mentioned it to the nurse and come to find out, there was another Rebecca in the office that day doing the exact same thing and our rooms got swapped by mistake! So we really did get to see my baby, but the name on the file was the other Rebecca’s. So after we met and said our goodbyes to Dr. T we actually got a re-do of the ultrasound so they could clear up their files. Bonus! Extra baby time! So we went back in for round two, got some even better pictures, and all our records were straightened out. Thankfully this was the only patient mix-up we had to go through. It sure beats a mix-up in the lab! (Which Dr. T assured us has never happened.) Saying goodbye to Dr. T and the staff at RBA was truly bittersweet. I will miss them, but am so happy I’ve moved on to being a “normal” pregnant person! Oh, and I found out that my miscarriage rate dropped below 2%!!

My first OB appointment was last Friday with Dr. Soufi. My appointment was at 10, but I don’t think I even got out of the waiting room until about 10:50. To be fair, it was posted all over the place that they operate on “baby time” and delivering babies can impact the schedule. After peeing in a cup and stepping on a scale (something I hadn’t done in months) I was surprised to see that despite my pants not fitting and my still-ravenous appetite, the scale read 117. I thought I had surely passed the 120 mark. Heck, by now I probably have! I met with nurse K first and she was very nice. She talked to me about the do’s and don’t of pregnancy, took some blood, and my blood pressure. As Dr. Soufi was just walking in, I heard her say “I have to run and deliver a baby!” and she whisked out before I could even say hello. I guess I couldn’t be too upset because I’d hope she would do the same come October when I have my wee one. So nurse K told me that I could wait about 30 minutes for Dr. S to return, but by that point I had been gone for so long and I had to get back to work for a meeting. So I asked if I could see another doctor. I’m sure normal first time moms would not have done this given this would be their first appointment EVER, but I felt pretty comfortable after having multiple u/s done at RBA and having many of my questions answered already. So I met Dr. C who was also very nice. After going through a lot of information that I’d already heard, I was anxious to get to the ultrasound. Perhaps I’m an OB equipment snob, but the machines they had at this clinic were far short of what they had at RBA. It was like a TV screen from the 80’s placed on top a cart on wheels and the screen was smaller than my computer screen. The images were so blurry, and I felt like I had taken 10 steps backwards in my baby’s development after looking at the images. It was at this moment where I really missed the u/s techs and the equipment at RBA. I had already seen very clear images, and 3-D images of my baby, but now all I get was this grainy black and white jumbled mess. Technology aside, the good news is that baby is healthy and growing properly. I will be sent to another clinic in 2 weeks to do some routine additional testing using more sophisticated u/s equipment (thank goodness), then back to Northside on April 23. Before I left, I did get to meet Dr. Soufi who apologized for fleeing so quickly and was genuinely happy to meet me and answer any of my questions. I look forward to spending more time with her as we continue on this journey.

In other news, mom sent me a giant box of probably 10 packs of sour gummy bears so I have a sufficient stash to last me quite some time. I still love them.

I’ve been having headaches lately, which is a new thing that I’m not so sure I’m liking. I eat constantly throughout the day, and have been chugging water like it’s going out of style. We’ve shared the news with a few close friends recently, all of whom are incredibly excited, and have even started shifting some items around in the office to make room for a nursery. I have a hard time concentrating at work because baby is always on the brain.

It’s 11:30 and today I’ve already eaten a bagel, yogurt, strawberries, a handful of trail mix, and I’m already ready for lunch. Bye bye skinny jeans!!!


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The thing about Food

Since being pregnant, the one thing I’ve realized is that I’m not one of those pregnant women who lose their appetite. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I’m ravenous ALL.THE.TIME. But then I eat, and five seconds later the thought of what I just ate makes me queasy. Here’s how it typically goes:

Q: Hey Becky, do you have any weird cravings now?

A: If cravings = wanting massive amounts of food, then yes. But strangely I do find myself wanting these things more often than my non-pregnant self would:

  • Sour gummy bears (particularly the variety only sold in the Orange County Airport – thankfully my mama is coming to visit this weekend and can bring me some!)
  • Strawberries
  • Clementines
  • York Peppermint Patties
  • Turkey sandwiches (probably because I’m banned from eating them so I want them even more)
  • Balance bars, specifically the chocolate kind
  • French fries
  • Sour cream
  • Peanut butter
  • La Croix sparking water, and when that’s not available, Club Soda with a lime has been my preferred drink of choice
Q: Is there anything that you can’t seem to get down anymore?

A: Why, yes. Even though for some reason I continue to try. Things I used to love but now make me gag include:

  • Avocados
  • Gum
  • Chinese food
  • Hummus and crackers
  • My prenatal vitamins (the gummy kind). Probably because they are nothing like my favorite sour gummy bears!
Q: What about pickles and ice cream?
A: I loved them both before I was pregnant, and I love them just the same now. Except not together. That would be weird. Although it is not weird for me to want a pickle because it’s salty, then immediately afterwards, want a bowl of ice cream because it’s sweet. I find myself doing that all day long. Salty, sweet, salty, sweet.
Q: What about your diet has changed the most?
A: Unfortunately, it’s gotten worse. I used to enjoy a lot of healthier things, but now I crave candy and chips. Because I can’t eat my favorite turkey sandwich anymore, I find myself getting a grilled chicken sandwich with fries. Or Chic-fil-A. Or tacos instead of the salad. My go-to snack of almonds has turned into saltines and peanut butter. Not a whole lot of nutrition in this new diet, and baby is going to be mad at me for that, so I better turn this boat around and start getting my eating on track! Not to mention, I’m not even 10 weeks along and my pants already don’t fit.
Shame on me.
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