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Breaking the News!

We just couldn’t hold it in any longer. And it just felt right. Given how close DK and I are to our families, we knew we wouldn’t be able to hold out the entire 12 weeks before announcing our big news. Here’s how it went down…

The K’s:

We had a trip to Hilton Head planned for the first weekend in March. All of us were supposed to be there (brothers, Lily, girlfriends) but due to some repairs to the airplane coupled with bad weather, the boys elected to stay home. So it ended up just being DK and his folks, and actually couldn’t have been any better. We arrived late, late Thursday night and despite DK offering me a beer (which I refused, obviously) we elected to wait til morning to share the news. We woke up early and the four of us were all swarming around the kitchen making coffee, breakfast, and casually chatting. DK interjects partially through the morning chaos with “Well” and I just froze. For some reason, I was just not ready at that moment. I shot DK the look that clearly meant, no no not yet, and his reply was “this toast sure is good!” Phew. Got out of that one.

A short while later, we were all sitting around the family room just getting ready for our walk. Everyone was sitting, and listening, unlike this morning’s attempt in the kitchen. So it was go time. DK said “well Becky has some exciting news” and I quickly replied with “WE have some exciting news” and I think before we could say anything, Grandma Ann was totally overwhelmed and tears were welling up in her eyes. We’re pregnant! Ann was so so happy, she was just beaming. She stood up and hugged us right away, tears in her eyes, saying how happy she was for us. And Dennis was clearly overjoyed.

After the initial wave of excitement, of course they asked many questions about the process. I think the K’s were probably the one’s who understood our situation the most, so they were really surprised at how quickly we achieved success. It was great to walk them through our journey thus far and celebrate all things baby throughout the weekend.

The W’s:

After our 8 week ultrasound, we decided it was time to tell Grams and Gramps in California. Mom, Donna and Jordan are all coming to visit in 2 weeks, but we just couldn’t wait that long! So Tuesday night, I called Mom and tried to educate her on how to use her iPad to Facetime. It took a good 20 minutes for her to link up (with much laughter along the way) and I was surprised she wasn’t giving up. She must have known good news was forthcoming. DK and I really wanted to do it on the computer instead of on the phone so we could at least see their expressions. Afterwards, I think we both agree that telling people in person is SO MUCH BETTER, but it was just incredibly awesome to share the news with our close family soon.

When we finally connected with Facetime, we did a little bit of small talk before I finally said, well there’s something I’ve been wanting to show you… and I held up the ultrasound photo into the camera. Doug was with her and instantly there was gasps of excitement and screams of joy! A baby! We talked for a lot, lot longer and hashed out as many details as I was willing to give over the phone. But needless to say, they were totally thrilled. Harry wasn’t home at the time, so he missed the big web announcement, but Mom told him soon and we talked the very next day. He’s excited to be an uncle for the third time before graduating high school!

The A’s:

Late that Tuesday night after we hung up with the W’s, we called Dad and Kathy, with the help of the Milburns. Kristen has been my rock throughout this whole process, so she has known before everyone. She was as anxious as I was to tell the family, so her assistance and excitement in doing this was certainly helpful. We connected with them on video gchat right away. Thomas, Dad, Kathy and Kristen were all there and after some idle chit chat and showing Callie off to the viewers on the other end, Dad said “I can see all three of you (referring to the dog)!” and I said “Make that FOUR of us!” and held up the ultrasound picture. Kathy’s face was priceless. I don’t think she fully understood that the photograph meant that were were actually and already pregnant! Dad was super pumped, too, and celebrating the news with them was awesome (despite it being SO late and me being SO tired at that point!)

All in all, it was a wonderful experience sharing the news with all the parents. I know our little Kinney bean will be SO spoiled by all these grandparents who already love him/her so much! Feeling so incredibly blessed and grateful for this child already.


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8 week ultrasound

We had our 8 week ultrasound on Tuesday, March 6th. For some reason, it was the first appointment that we’ve had during this long process where I was really nervous. I had no reason to be. I hadn’t experienced anything that should have caused any concern, but I just had a sinking feeling that we had to get bad news sometime. Fear not, I say!! All is great!

We saw the little Kinney bean right away and it blew my mind to see how much he/she has grown in just two short weeks! It actually resembles a little fetus now. We clearly identified the head, body, legs and arms. And they did a quick 3D picture of the face and we could also barely make out the eye sockets and nose! So cute!! We heard the heartbeat — loud and strong — beating at 170 bpm. That sound is incredible.

Here’s proof of how darn cute this kid is going to be:

I’m slowly weening off the Crinone and the Vivelle patch. We head back in two more weeks for our last ultrasound and last appointment at RBA! Bittersweet for sure. Dr. T and his staff have all been so wonderful, I know it will be a tough transition to go to the “normal” OB for the rest of this pregnancy. I have just felt so special this whole time so far and will certainly miss the great staff at RBA.

At least my mom will be here for our last appointment!

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I jinxed it.

I think I jinxed myself yesterday when I said I didn’t feel any morning sickness yet because BAM it hit me like a mack truck today. I woke up around 6am tossing and turning in the bed, deciding weather or not I was sweating or freezing cold. I really had to pee, but the thought of standing up made it worse. So I just laid there and tried to keep sleeping. When the alarm finally went off and it was time to get ready for work, I couldn’t get through one task without breaking for some major deep breaths. I was drying my hair and literally had to stop, I was sweating, and couldn’t even think about hot air, food, water, nothing. I sat on the floor and Callie came over to give me kisses.

The nausea kept coming in and out in waves all morning. I never actually threw up, but I sure felt like I was going to. I’m still fighting it and trying to decide if eating a banana will help or hurt the situation. Sure hoping this is as bad as it gets because I feel pretty crummy and if it gets any worse I’ll just want to curl up in the fetal position and cry it out.

And to top it all off, I fell down the stairs this morning on my way out the door. Graceful, right?

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Week 7

These first 12 weeks are tough. This big “secret” that can’t quite be shared yet which really prevents you from acting like yourself makes me feel like everyone who looks at me can sense it. So far, I’ve had to purchase a beer and two glasses of wine and not take a sip, all without anyone at the table noticing. I’m ready for bed by 8 o’clock, but have to manage to hold my eyelids open when I’m around other people so they don’t suspect anything. I’m ravenous and eat 3x the amount I used to. Decline happy hour invitations, late night game nights, and sushi. I might just go into hibernation these next 5 weeks until I can have a big “coming out” party and announce to everyone why I’ve been acting so shady the past 12 weeks.

Just entered week 7. No additional symptoms to add to the list yet. Still just exceptionally tired, thirsty, hungry, and moody. Teeny tiny waves of nausea every now and then, but nothing to really define as morning sickness yet. Still taking my medicines, and anxious for this to turn into a “normal” pregnancy soon. Crinone is the progesterone supplement that I will hopefully stop taking around 10 weeks once the placenta fully takes over. It’s not as bad as I anticipated, and it’s nice that it doesn’t cause any pain, but sometimes it can be pretty gross. I’ve weened my Vivelle patches to twice a week now, which is actually worse than every other day because now the same patch is on my belly for 3-4 days at a time and it just gets all nasty where the sticker is. It’s like a lint trap that leaves sticker rings all over my body for weeks. The chewable orange baby aspirin and my gummy pre-natal vitamins are just an added bonus to the list of meds.

I think our Kinney bean is budding hands and feet this week. Oh, and I think we’re at the size of a blueberry, so I intentionally did not purchase them at the grocery store this week because well, that would have been a weird visual to eat blueberries.

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We have a heartbeat!

Yesterday, February 22nd, 2012 marked a very special day for the hubs and I. We had our first ultrasound appointment and got our first glimpse at the little Kinney bean! Soooooo teeeeeeeny tiny, but so incredibly amazing to see the beginning of a life growing inside me. The tech was able to locate the little bean right away and just as she turned on the speakers, we could hear the heartbeat loud and clear! That was by far the most amazing part! It just started to feel so real. Like this is actually happening now. DK grabbed my hand tightly and we asked the tech to print as many pictures as possible of the little Kinney bean. It’s a day I will never forget!

We met with the nurse afterwards and went through all the basic pregnancy questions. What to eat, what not to eat, what exercise is okay, what medicines I still need to take, etc. I felt pretty prepared going into it because I’ve done so much reading the last few weeks, but it was just so surreal to think that it actually all applied to ME now. Like I knew the rules existed, but now I actually have to follow them. For MY baby. We are truly blessed.

I’m officially 6 weeks and 4 days along as of today and the estimated due date is October 15th, 2012… Liz’s birthday! Now we’re just super anxious to tell our families!! We’ll probably end up telling them all before the standard 12 weeks, because that just seems like so far away, but we’ll wait to announce to our friends until after we hit that milestone.

In other pregnancy-related news, our dear friends the Hills announced they are expecting last night at small group! So exciting! I really had to bite my tongue for most of it because I just kept wanting to say ME TOO! but I resisted and channeled all my excitement and energy towards them. Praying over them and knowing that I will have a pregnancy buddy here is so cool!

2 more ultrasounds at RBA and then it’s graduation to the real OB! Next ultrasound is Tuesday the 6th. Hopefully our little bean is growing strong by then!

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Tired & Cranky

That’s how I feel ALL THE TIME. Tired. Cranky. Moody. Emotional. EVERYTHING is such a big deal. What DK says. What he doesn’t say. How my day is going. What I’m doing at work. Holy cow it’s so draining. And literally all I want to do is sleep. I’m exhuausted all.the.time.

On the bright side it beats morning sickness though, right? 


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I’m not good at keeping secrets

I feel like I’m about to burst at the seams (and I’m not just referring to my pants fitting tightly today). I am DYING to share the news with my mom, with my friends, with our families, and with the universe. I am so not good at keeping secrets when they are as exciting as this one! So I come to my private, personal blog that not even the interwebs can see (yet) to just say one thing…

I’M SO DARN EXCITED TO BE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And reading about distant friends who announce they are pregnant is killing me because all I want to say is “ME TOO!” but I resist. And I silent cheer to myself. And then go home and remind DK that yes, I am pregnant, and boy oh boy am I pumped. He usually gets pretty pumped about it too.


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According to The Bump, my baby is now the size of an appleseed! I’m 5 weeks pregnant, and had my 3rd (and final) Beta this morning. My numbers are rising beautifully, thank you Jesus! Beta is now at 3,000+ (I couldn’t write it down because I was in the car when she called) and my progesterone levels are still normal. So far, we have a healthy pregnancy on our hands!

Next week we will go for our first ultrasound. I’m so excited! I think it’ll be so cool when we can actually see the lil Kinney bean growing inside. So overjoyed to see how the remainder of this journey unfolds.

Now if only I could avoid my body’s desire to SLEEP ALL DAY! I think I seriously spent at least 50% of my weekend with my eyes closed. Never has a nap felt so darn good. Oh, and don’t even get me started on food. Nom. nom. nom.

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Beta #2 was this morning. These Beta appointments are great – you are in and out so quickly (only have to give some blood) and so far I’ve avoided the $4.00 parking charge both times. Bonus. I waited patiently all day for the nurse to call with the results. She was so prompt to call with the first best results, that I was starting to worry something was wrong because it was nearly 3:00 when I finally heard from them. Good news, I’m still pregnant.

Beta jumped from 290 on Monday to 876 today (Thursday). It’s right on track! Beta #3 is next Monday and hopefully after that we can go in for our first ultrasound! Until then, I keep on my same medicine regimen (Crinone daily, Vivelle patch every other day, one baby aspirin, pre-natal vitamin, and Folplex twice a day.) Snuggle in little Kinney bean!!

Oh, and I parked in the “Reserved for Expectant Mothers Only” spot at my appointment. Totally allowed, right?

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BETA Results

I was sitting on the toilet when my phone rang.  Incoming call from RBA. I had to answer. It was Jennifer, the nurse at RBA, calling to tell me the results of my first beta. I didn’t even flush the toilet, certainly didn’t wash my hands, and my heart was racing as I tried to sneak away to a quiet spot in the building. She thought I was on speakerphone because it was echoing so badly, but I told her that I was just in the bathroom. We both laughed.

I could tell by how chipper she was on the phone that she was going to deliver good news. Sure enough, it was! She told me that the results are in… and the test is POSITIVE!!!!!!!

Beta was at 290 and they like to see anything over 50. This is a great number! My progesterone levels were all good, too. I was ecstatic! I was literally jumping up and down in the hallway, shaking. I can’t believe it actually worked on the first try!!! We are so incredibly blessed! Really praying hard that this is our take-home baby. God is so good!!!!!!!!

I called DK right away. I can’t remember the first thing he said because I was still so jittery and excited, but all I know is we were both SO THRILLED! Never has a Monday brought such good news!

Beta #2 is Thursday, 2/9. First ultrasound not until 6 weeks. Anticipated due date is October 14th.

And so begins this adventure of pregnancy and parenthood.


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